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(Please Click on the link above to download a complete listing of upcoming events)



The following policies and procedures have been put into place to help our motorsport community adjust to the new social/physical distancing reality following the Covid-19 outbreak. Please be patient with us (this is all new- we’re adjusting too); we’ll do our absolute best to make the 2020  Season fun, efficient, and SAFE for everyone.


We’re doing our best to prepare for the opening day with ‘social responsibility’- please carefully review the new COVID policies and procedures in the information and links below. Specifically with the Waiver, we encourage everyone to sign sooner than later- Please #BE READY  to embrace the “new reality”. Let’s keep our motorsport community FUN & SAFE.



All  Participants,  and Family members entering the facility via the Competitors Gate MUST complete the Electronic WAIVER OF LIABILITY prior to entering the facility on Race Day. The Castrol Raceway Team will “Check You In” via an electronic kiosk upon arrival.
For the ease and efficiency of the Castrol Raceway Team and your fellow competitors please be sure to complete the electronic Waiver in full. Hard Copy/Paper Waivers WILL NOT be made available; if you do not have your electronic Waiver of Liability completed prior to arrival, you will be required to pull over and complete via your phone, computer, and/or other electronic media prior to entering.



High-Speed Road Course at Castrol Raceway

There is no better place to have fun and test your skills than on the Road Course at Castrol Raceway. Our 2.7 km, 12 meters wide, 14-turn clockwise circuit is the most recently developed and highly anticipated venue at Canada’s premier motorsports park. The full circuit can be run in one of three configurations: 1.1 kms (Includes high-bank Speedway turn), 1.5 kms, and 2.7 kms. The 1000’ straight-away is anticipated to allow the fastest vehicles to approach 300 kms/hour. The track is adjacent to an excellent spectator mound and grandstands. This option has been constructed with the west course separator so we can run two tracks simultaneously. The highly technical track is ideal for both novice and veteran closed-course enthusiasts.

Track Junkies

parked race cars

track junkies
Track Junkies is Alberta’s premier open-marquee performance driving program. We offer owners and drivers of high-performance and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on a closed road course at high speeds. We provide a safe environment for participants to explore the capabilities and limits of their high-performance and sports cars while improving their driving skills. Although not a racing series, many participants use their track time with us to hone the skills they use to race or to test and tune their race cars. An excellent opportunity for novice, intermediate, and pro drivers alike, our track days offer various run groups based on skill, speed, and comfort level in traffic, and we enforce coordinated passing etiquette for a safe driving experience.

motorcycle road racing

Edmonton Motorcycle Road Racing Association

ERMA logo
In a celebration of speed and skill, the EMRA host a six-weekend race series showcasing the most agile competitors at our facility. Motorcycle racing offers a spectacular level of finesse unseen in any other motorsport competition venture. The EMRA offers professional competition and instructional rider training. Visit for more information.

Motorcycle Track Attack

motorcycle track attack


In partnership with EMRA, we are thrilled to host Track Attack motorcycle track days. If you have a great time riding your bike on the street, get ready to improve your skills on an open track with none of the hazards of street riding and all of the safety of a closed course. Bring your skills to the next level; Our Expert Instructors will help develop your riding skills, from slow speed tight patterns, to high speed braking, obstacle avoidance and everything in between.

Program dates are open to Licensed Riders of every skill level. Each day will group riders into four groups: Novice, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert (Race license required). Intimate Classroom & Riding Sessions for each Level.

Some basic bike preparation is necessary to participate in a Track Attack event. Many people ride their bike to the track and prep their bike before the session starts, and this is adequate as long as new riders are ready to go before the track walk.

Basic Bike Prep

Ensure the bike is in good working order (throttle should move freely, brake pads must have sufficient material, and brake fluid should be bled if fluid is old)

  • Tires are in good shape and are clear of cracks and have adequate tread remaining
  • No leaks; for example, engine fluids are contained, fork seals are good, and all hoses are in good shape.
  • Bodywork and other items are securely fastened to the motorcycle
  • No bike will be allowed on the track if the organizers deem the bike to be unsafe
Required Riding Gear
  • 1- or 2-piece leather or textile suit, if 2-piece it must zip together around the waist
  • Riding boots at least ankle high
  • Gauntlet-style gloves (covering the wrist)
  • Helmet rated for motorcycle track use (i.e. Snell M2010, ECE 22.05)
  • Register Today
race track

Northern Alberta Sports Car Club

Founded in 1957, the NASCC organized its first sports car race August 16, 1958, at the Edmonton International Airport. Nearly 50 years later, the NASCC is back home at the airport, hosting a five-weekend race series along with driver and instructor training. NASCC motorsports are family activities. Children and grandchildren of NASCC members are now active in the club.

Alberta Solo Association

The ASA is a non-profit society which was registered under the Societies Act of Alberta on March 18, 1993. The objective of the ASA is to promote Solo I and Solo II motorsports. ASA is an affiliated member and is governed by the rules and regulations of ASN Canada FIA in association with the Western Canada Motorsport Association. ASA currently hosts a series of Solo II and lapping events each season (April to October) at Castrol Raceway. Full event information and registration is at



spec d drifting logo
In partnership with Spec-D and Driftwest, Thursday and Saturday evenings throughout the race season, young and enthusiastic drivers take on the track in a competition judged according to the speed, angle, showmanship, and line taken through a corner or set of corners. Western Canada’s only Formula D Pro2 licensing series, Spec-D, continues its history of high-speed, sideways action! All of Western Canada’s best drifters battle it out door to door throughout the five-event Formula D Pro2 licensing series. Drivers here will be battling for their very own Formula D Pro2 license. Full event information and registration is at


Spec-D Drift School

Drifting 101
Enhance your driving skills on and off the street- taking the earned experience on a closed course to improve overall vehicle handling, aptitude and safety. Instructors will teach the fundamentals of vehicle set up. This will include hands on alignment settings, suspension “must haves”, Basic maintenance and safety equipment.

Explore the basics of car control and initiating a drift by 3 simple methods; Moving from controlled drift transitioning to “figure 8’s”

1. E-brake Initiation
2. Weight Transfer
3. Clutch Kick

Advanced drivers will be educated in higher speed control of the vehicle through throttle and minimal steering input.  Drift 101 offers both theoretical Instruction, along with practical in car time for students to practice in the out of car instruction.

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