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Castrol Raceway has been home to Sprint and Stock Car racing since 1991.

The classes running at Nite Thunder on the Oval:

Castrol Sportsman Sprint Cars
Northern Thunder Dirt Late Models
Super Stocks
Northern Alberta Mini Stocks 
ASCS 360 Sprint Cars

Vehicle Class Descriptions:

ASCS '360' Sprint Car:

These opened wheeled, winged race cars are Castrol Raceway's fastest class with top speeds often exceeding 120mph. A '360' Sprint Car weighs just shy of 1,400lbs. and is powered by a 700+ horsepower methanol burning engine.





Castrol Sportsman Sprint Car:





Castrol Raceway is fortunate to have two Sprint Car classes. Due to strict rules, the Sportsman Sprint Car has grown to Castrol Raceway's largest class in just three seasons. A Sportman Sprint car weighs 1,600lbs and is powered by a 500+ horsepower methanol burning engine.

Northern Thunder Dirt Late Models:





These are the 'traditional' Dirt Late Models race cars that run at tracks throughout North America.  Often called Wissota Late Models, these cars ran in Edmonton from 1991 - 1995.  Due to a low car count (5 - 6 cars per race) the track cancelled the class after the 1995 season.  Headed up by long-time racer Dave Smith, this Late Model class was resurrected in 2007.  The class adopted the Northern Thunder Dirt Late Model name in 2011.  Average Edmonton car count in 2013 was 12.  Dirt late models weight approx. 2,300lbs and are powered by a V8 on methanol.