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The IHRA sanctioned 1/4 mile Drag strip at Castrol Raceway is home to one of Canada’s fastest growing factions of Street Rods and Sport Compact Cars. Since the inception of the "Fast and The Furious" sub-culture the growing popularity of the V8Less series along with the demand for extreme sports is ever increasing. Competitors and spectators jump at the chance to see their friends, family and adversaries compete on the quarter mile.

The 2016 season will host over 25 “Street Legal” events with many held under the lights late into mid summer evenings. Castrol Raceway works very closely with the Leduc RCMP, Edmonton Police Department, and numerous local High Schools not only to promote the sport, but to encourage young street racers to take their passion for speed to a safe environment.

Join us at the race track and race your vehicle during the weekly JB’s Power Centre Street Legal. As long as your vehicle is register-able and insurable... you’re good to go! Presented in conjunction with Edmonton Police Service’s Blue Line Racing, and RCMP’s Y.I.E.L.D. program.
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Friday Nights: Gates open at 5:00pm and racing starts at 6:30pm. Tech Closes at 9pm most evenings.

2016 Season Schedule

29-Apr  Street Legal

6-May   Street Legal

13-May Street Legal

20-May Street Legal

27-May Street Legal

3-Jun     Street Legal

10-Jun   Street Legal

17-Jun   Street Legal

24-Jun   Street Legal

1-Jul       Street Legal

8-Jul       Street Legal

22-Jul    Street Legal

5-Aug    Street Legal

12-Aug  Street Legal

19-Aug  Street Legal

26-Aug  3 Day Street Legal: Full Throttle

27-Aug  3 Day Street Legal: Full Throttle

28-Aug  3 Day Street Legal: Full Throttle

2-Sep    Street Legal

9-Sep    Street Legal

16-Sep  Street Legal

23-Sep  Street Legal

30-Sep  Street Legal

8-Oct     Street Legal (Saturday)

10-Oct   Street Legal (Monday)

JB’s Power Centre Friday Night Street Legal

Rules and Regulations

The following shall apply to all Friday Night Street Legal competitors and vehicles. These rules are subject to the discretion of the Tech Department and/or Street Legal Coordinator.

General Regulations

  • Entry fee is $40 Car & Driver
  • All vehicles must be accompanied by the registered owner.
  • All vehicles must be register-able and insurable.  Under this rule cars must pass a vehicle inspection i.e. all working lights, horn, on road equipment and must have street functioning exhaust (may have open headers, but headers must exit under car and away from driver).  Cars not able to pass vehicle inspection for street equipment will be permitted to race at the discretion of the race officials of Castrol Raceway; however every attempt will be made to keep this a Street Legal event. 
  • All racers must have a valid Driver’s License.
  • All racers, crew and spectators must sign the Castrol Raceway waiver as they enter the facility.
  • Any one that races the vehicle must sign the tech card.
  • Passengers will be allowed – time permitting. All passenger runs must be single passes only and be 14 seconds and slower with no one under age of 14
  • All vehicles will be inspected in accordance with IHRA Safety Regulations. As we race at night all vehicles must have all working head, tail and marker lights to be able to run.
  • Weekend bracket racer: any bracket racer having more than 60 points in their class wanting to race at Street Legals is prohibited.  Any bracket car that does not meet street legal rules and wishes to test or license a new driver  has to contact Mike Heil, Castrol Raceway - Drag Director one (1) day prior to the Street Legal date you want to race at.
  • Due to the cost and the severity of the oil downs at Castrol Raceway in the 2012 season of Street Legals; all cars and trucks running faster the 10:00 in the ¼ mile must have an approved engine containment device.  If you do not have one you will have to sign a liability waiver that you are responsible for cleanup costs due to not having containment device.
  • 11.50 Roll Bar Rule Update: This group is limited to any unaltered 2008 or newer foreign or domestic, production type automobile or truck that is street driven with proof of registration, vehicle insurance with valid license plates. These vehicles are limited to street events, test & tune and select import events. Competition in the facilities normal weekly ET bracket series under these parameters is prohibited. These vehicles may run provided all of the criteria listed within this section is verified prior to participation. Unaltered 2008 OEM model year and newer production cars running slower than 10.00 and 135 mph do not have to meet the requirements and specifications for the Summit Sportsman ET safety rules except for the following: Convertibles and T-top entries must meet the minimum specifications listed in ET Bracket section for roll bar and roll cage requirements. Vehicles must pass all provincial/state highway safety requirements in which the vehicle is registered prior to acceptance. The vehicles OEM installed anti lock brakes, airbag function and seat belts as well as any other related system must be functional as per the manufacturers specifications at all times.
  • All drivers must utilize helmet and protective clothing requirements as per the minimum specifications outlined in the 2014 IHRA rulebook under the ET bracket section starting on page 61.

Street Legal Tech Guidelines (not including Motorcycles, Quads or Sleds)

These are basic guidelines. All vehicles must be capable of meeting the appropriate IHRA safety requirements for their performance level. For further information please refer to the 2014 IHRA rulebook, available at automotive retailers around Edmonton and on line at

  • All vehicles must have functioning seatbelts.
  • All vehicles must have a Radiator overflow catch can.
  • No plastic or glass fuel filters allowed.
  • 12” total rubber fuel line allowed.
  • No plastic oil or oil gauge lines allowed.
  • All automatic vehicles must have a working neutral safety switch.
  • All batteries must be securely mounted. For relocated batteries – see the 2013 IHRA rulebook.
  • All tires must be in good condition with all lug nuts in place. Remove hubcaps and beauty rings from wheels.
  • Trunk, Truck boxes and passenger compartment must be empty prior to racing.
  • Drivers must wear at least: full length pants, shoes, a sleeved shirt. (No shorts, sandals, or tank tops).
  • All participants must have an approved helmet. (A minimum number of helmets are available for rent in the drag tower for $10 per night)
  • Drive shaft loop mandatory on all cars running 13.99 or quicker that are running slicks. Also required on all cars running 11.49 or quicker on street tires
  • Cars running faster than 11.49 must have an approved roll bar, SFI Legal belts and jacket.
  • Cars running faster than 10.99 must have approved aftermarket axles and balancer.
  • Cars running faster than 9.99 must have an approved roll cage and Competition License.
  • Speed limits are 40 km/h on the return road and 20 km/h (or less) in the pit area. No Stunting Permitted.

Street Legal Tech Guidelines for Motorcycles, Quads and/or Sleds

These are basic guidelines. All vehicles must be capable of meeting the appropriate IHRA safety requirements for their performance level. For further information please refer to the 2014 IHRA rulebook, available at automotive retailers around Edmonton and on line at

  • Motorcycles, Quads, and Sleds. Must have a minimum of a Leather Jacket, approved helmet, gloves and boots (boots must cover be above the ankle).
  • Motorcycles faster than 120 mph or that run quicker than 10.99 must have full leathers and a lanyard style engine kill switch.
  • Sleds must be equipped with a lanyard style engine kill switch and if they are faster than 120 mph or that run quicker than 10.99 must have full leathers.
  • Quads are only permitted to run to the 1/8th mile and must have ‘smooth’ roadway type tires.

How the Racer can help make this a fun activity for everyone

  • Maintain the speed limits in the pits and on the return road.
  • Keep your lights on after dark.
  • Have your Tech Card filled out and ready to go when the tech inspector reaches you. Make sure all people intending to drive have signed the tech card.
  • Watch out for moving vehicles at all times.
  • No one under the age of 14 in staging lanes.
  • Listen to the direction of all officials and Castrol Raceway personnel.
  • Help with clean ups when required.

Friday Night Gamblers Race

  • A bracket style elimination race will be offered at most Street Legal events.
  • Entry fee is $10 payable at the drag tower.
  • All entrants will be staged in the paved pit area by 8:30 PM. Eliminations will begin around 9:00 PM.
  • All cars will run a dial in of 11 second or slower.
  • All runs during eliminations will be random paired until the finals.
  • Winner of the event will take all but $35. Runner Up will receive $35.
  • Minimum of 8 cars entered for the race to be run.

Hitter's Lane

  • All cars running 10.99 and quicker will be run out of the Hitter’s Lane in the staging area.
  • All cars must meet the IHRA Safety Regulations to run their ET.
  • The track will be re-prepped prior to the Hitter's Lane runs as required.

***No vehicle that is trailered to the track will be allowed to run antifreeze***