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Complete Carry-In Policy

The Castrol Raceway Guest Services Policy outlines what guests may and may not bring into the venue, including specific guidelines as it pertains to outside food and beverage. The policy balances our guest’s safety, comfort and overall experience while at the track



- Bottled Water- One per person. Must be sealed
- Individually wrapped homemade food items (with discretion)
- Purses or baby bags (subject to search)
- Blankets
- Small Umbrella
- Rain Jackets- Ponchos
- Stroller or wagon if carrying a child
- Folding chairs (not permitted in Reserved seating areas)
- Cellular telephones, tablets, cameras, camcorders, binoculars and laptops



- Glass bottles or containers
- Alcohol
- Illegal Drugs
- Unsealed containers carrying any liquids
- Commercially packaged branded food for example, chain or fast food restaurant products
- Grills, crock-pots or any open flame devices including candles
- Tents, canopies and oversized umbrellas
- Bicycles, scooters, roller skates or skateboards
- Poles, flags, banners, signs or any other item seen to be an obstruction to other guests or potential danger to on-track activity
- Projectile objects including, frisbees, balls, balloons, etc.
- Noisemakers including air horns, bull horns, fireworks, etc.
- Objects that could be a nuisance to on-track activity and other guests including laser pointers, squirt guns, etc.
- Firearms, knives, sharp objects or other weapons restricted by federal laws
- Pets (trained assistance animals for disabled guests are welcome)
- Any item that you intend to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes