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The 2014 season was such a great success, we are pleased once again to partner with Track Junkies and Southside Mitsubishi to provide an On-Track Experience for those who have never experienced being on a road course at speed. This is a great opportunity to get your own car on the racetrack, or to give someone you know the gift of driving their car on a race track at speed.


Even more…. WIDE OPEN on WEDNESDAY; We will be hosting Street Legal Drags simultaneously; after you tests you driving skills and vehicle capabilities on the Road Course, drive on over to the Drag Strip for a little full throttle acceleration testing.


Event Dates:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015                                           4pm-9pm

Wednesday, May 27, 2015                                           4pm-9pm

Wednesday, June 10, 2015                                          4pm-9pm

Wednesday, June 24, 2015                                          4pm-9pm

Wednesday, July 8, 2015                                             4pm-9pm


How does it work?

Up to three drivers, driving their own cars, will go out on track behind the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle.  The pace car will do one lap to let drivers see where the corners are, and to warm up tires.  Then the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle will increase speed for three more laps.  Drivers will keep a close formation behind the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle, doing exactly what the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle does.  For example, if the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle moves to the left side of the track approaching a corner, so too do all drivers following the pace car.  The Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle will set a pace that allows for a tight formation.  Drivers need only drive as fast as they are comfortable, and the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle will slow if any driver gets off line or falls back from the formation. After three laps at speed, the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle will slow for one additional lap to cool down the brakes, and then the entire formation will exit the track behind the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle.

This takes approximately 8-10 minutes, depending on the cars and experience level of drivers.  Drivers may line up after their session to repeat the on-track experience as many times as the evening permits. Drivers may also line up such that they follow or lead a friend or another driver with a similar car — always behind the Southside Mitsubishi pace vehicle — but allowing for quicker drivers to go out together and at a quicker pace.


How much does it cost?

Price for the evening is $99 including GST.  Helmets will be available for rent for an additional $10. Number of times on track will depend on how many participants there are on any particular evening. 

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Who can participate, and what are the requirements?


*  Drivers must wear helmets and seat belts while on track.  DOT and Snell approved motorcycle helmets dated 2000 or later are acceptable.

*  All vehicles will be subject to a technical inspection before being permitted on track.  This inspection is less rigorous than the Track Junkies Self  Tech inspection that is required for our regular road course lapping events, due to the expectation cars will not build as much heat in 3 laps behind a pace car as they would if a self-paced 20+ minute track session.  However, we cannot let cars on track that might be unsafe in any way, including worn or cracked tires, malfunctioning or missing seat belts, old brake fluid, loose objects in the car, obscured visibility, fuel or oil or coolant leaks, etc..

*  Passengers are not permitted.  It is expected participants in these events will not be experienced road course drivers, and therefore we cannot allow passengers to be put at risk.

*  Trucks, vans and SUVs are generally NOT suitable for this activity.  Sport trucks and sport SUVs that are purpose-designed for road course use, or that have had significant modifications to lower ride height and improve braking, may be permitted on an exception basis … you must contact us in advance for approval.  Please describe the vehicle and its modifications in your email so we can make a reasonable determination as to suitability.

*  Events go rain or shine.  However, standing water and/or heavy rain and spray that affect visibility of drivers following the pace car may dictate a delay or cancellation. Participants who are unable to go on track due to weather will be provided a rain check.

Our thanks to Southside Mitsubishi for providing the pace vehicle for the On-Track Experience.

For more information about the On-Track Experience please click here.