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Road Course Open Lapping 

Want the full-blown lapping experience?  Want to give a friend the full-blown lapping experience?  Track Junkies is Alberta’s premier open-marque performance driving program. Track Junkies offers owners and drivers of high-performance and sports cars the opportunity to drive their cars on a road course at speed. Track Junkies is NOT a racing series, however many of our participants use their track time with us to hone the skills they use to race.  Track Junkies provides a safe and welcoming environment for participants to explore the capabilities and limits of their high-performance and sports cars while improving their driving skills. Instruction is available for novice track drivers.  Track Junkies offers 14 track driving events in 2014, and this ticket can be used for any one event (online pre-registration for your chosen event will be required).

An excellent opportunity for Novice, Intermediate, and Pro Drivers alike; our track days offer various run groups based on skill, speed and comfort level in traffic, and we enforce coordinated passing etiquette for a safe driving experience.

Event Dates: 4-5 Hour Sessions          $195

Wednesday, June 4                 4pm-Dusk

Wednesday, June 8                 4pm-Dusk
Wednesday, June 18               4pm-Dusk

Wednesday, July 30                4pm-Dusk

Tuesday, August 12                 4pm-Dusk

Wednesday, August 27            4pm-Dusk


Event Dates: 7-8 Hour Sessions          $295

Friday, May 2                          9am-4pm

Friday, May 11                        9am-4pm

Friday, May 23                        1pm-Dusk

Friday, June 13                        1pm-Dusk

Tuesday, July 1                        9am-4pm

Friday, July 11                         1pm-Dusk

Friday, August 22                     1pm-Dusk

Friday, September 12               9am-4pm

Saturday, September 20           9am- 4pm

For more information on the Track Junkies program or to register, please visit

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