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2016 Pit Stall renews will begin in January '16.  To purchase your 2016 Pit Stall, please contact the Castrol Raceway office at (780) 461-5801

Get ready for another exciting season at Castrol Raceway.  We are so pleased you have chosed our facility as your place to play.  In the interest of creating the greatest environment for our competitors, crew, families, friends and spectators, Castrol Raceway is once again offering competitors the opportunity to select and rent a permanent Pit Stall for the Bracketeer Drag Series events throughout the 2016 season.

The ensure efficient entry and a positive environment, please review and familarize yourself with the following rules and guidelines.

1.  A Pit Stall Parking Pass designation marker (rear view mirror hanger) will be provided.  Please ensure it is displayed in plain sight at all times when visiting the Castrol Raceway facility.

2.  Pit Stall space is valid for Bracketeer Drag Series event days ONLY; during no other event will Pit Stall space occupation be permitted without the express authorization of Castrol Raceway management.

3.  All vehicles MUST be removed from the Castrol Raceway facility at the end of each Bracketeer Drag event and/or weekend.

4.  Vehicles may be left on-site if approved by Castrol Raceway management and parked in a pre-designated area.  All vehicles are left at their owner's risk.  Castrol Raceway will not be held liable for damage and/or stolen goods for any vehicles/items left at the facility.

5.  The DRIVER is responsible for their rented Pit Stall.  This includes general clean-up, maintenence, and "loaning" of the rented stall.  This includes spills, garbage, oil disposal, etc.  Receptacles are provided throughout the facility; please use them.  NOTE: Castrol Raceway MUST be informed a minimum of one (1) week prior to "loaning" - allowing someone else to use their stall.
6.  Early Entry: Early entry to the facility is provided during many events scheduled prior to the Bracketeer race days.  Competitors MUST enter the pit area via the NORTH GATE; pit access WILL NOT be granted through the South gate outside of regularly scheduled Bracketeer race days.  Early entry DOES NOT permit access to the rented stall; Pit Stall Holders MUST wait until the completion of alternately scheduled event. (ie. Street Legal) to park in rented stall.

7.  Due to the limited space in the Pro and Sportsman Pit areas and the need to accomodate as many competitors as possible, Castrol Raceway has deemed any person wanting to renew for the 2016 Season, must occupy the space with consistancy and must also be the owner of the race car allotted to that space.  "Only one stall allotted per IHRA registered car number".

8.  It is the responsibility of the Pit Stall Holder to familiarize and comply with the Castrol Raceway Pet, Fire, Motorhome and Rain Out policies.  All policies can be found on the Castrol Raceway website.

Failure to comply with the policies and regulations of Castrol Raceway will result in Pit Stall termination without refund.