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Hodgson Legacy Continuum

Article & Photos by Bruce Biegler

The name Ron Hodgson is synonymous with Canadian drag racing.  The highly successful Edmonton-based businessman has for many years remained at the forefront of the sport while funding and supporting numerous famous Canadian drag racers.   This 2013 racing season has opened yet another chapter – but this time including some direct family involvement….

Ron’s son, 39-year old Ryan, who is also highly successful in business as well as an accomplished Sprint Car racer, is primed to carry forth the great Hodgson legacy in Canadian drag racing.   This past summer Ryan completed his Funny Car licensing process and jumped into his own Alcohol Funny Car for the first time.

Ryan has begun his drag racing career behind the wheel of at Victory-chassis Pontiac Firebird which for now is targeting Western Canada’s 6.9 secs indexed Nostalgia FC circuit.  With a vast supporting cast which includes key crew members from Tim Boychuk’s Nitro Nostalgia FC team and others, Ryan’s car, which was formally a TAFC, features a nitro engine converted to alcohol.

“With my Dad, I’ve been around drag racing basically since day one and it’s in my DNA,” Ryan explained.  “I was fortunate to grow up with some legends – like Gordie Bonin and Terry Capp.  I’ve been on various pit crews and got to work with a lot of really experienced people over the years.  I did race Sprint cars and Late Model stock cars for a time — but I’ve always had a real passion for drag racing.  I’m old enough now where things have jelled for me from both a family and business perspective — so the timing was right for me to start driving.”

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