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Castrol Raceway Oval Announcement for the 2013 racing season and beyond

Castrol Raceway Oval announcement for the 2013 racing season and beyond.



Hello Racing Fans, Sponsors and Teams.

During the 2012 season, meetings and discussions were had over the direction of the Clay Oval at Castrol Raceway.  This part of the facility has been having trouble maintaining a profitable business model and it was felt that if something Major does not change, then the ownership will need to make a drastic decision on operations of the Oval.  


With the Drag Strip and the now, new Road Course coming on line, the "paved" portions of the facility are doing well.  Discussions were had over whether to pave the oval while the paving and road equipment was on site.  


I was asked by the owners for my opinions on the situation of the Oval.  I spent the season in the tower, announcing many of the events and overall observing how the oval was operating on a nightly basis.  With my experience from 45 years of all facets of Oval racing and operating Race City Motorsport Park.


Spending a number of years running a Paved oval facility, I felt that there was little need to turn the oval racing community upside down by paving the surface.  Castrol Raceway is "The" premier Dirt track racing facility in Western Canada and one of the best in the country.  


What is needed though, is a fresh program to spark some new interest in our fans and work diligently in filling the grandstands on a nightly basis.  This for many long time racers, equates to more advertising, but as many do not realize, this alone, in these times, does not work to bring in new fans, and is cost prohibitive, in a traditional sense.  Many marketing initiatives are being put in place to capture new fans and keep our current fans well informed.


Castrol Raceway has made a major commitment to turn the Oval situation around based on a number of recommendations presented and needs that have aroused.  The ownership has decided to move forward with this commitment to our many Fans, Sponsors and Racers.


The first and most exciting, is a new, very experienced and highly qualified Sales and Promotions team.  This is a major financial commitment for the Owners and will pay off over the next few years. 


Also, I have been retained to be the new Oval Director.  I have taken on the roll of race day operations and Race Directing, of which I have much experience.  In both Dirt and Paved ovals.   As I live in the Calgary area and will be commuting to Castrol each weekend, this is a big commitment for me, and I am committed to you.  


As of today, the new direction for the oval at Castrol Raceway will be focused on presenting a great "racing show" for our Fans and Sponsors, while providing a outlet for our many Racers to enjoy their hobby.  For this new direction to work, will take commitment from all  interested parties.  But more then anything else, an acceptance.  This process will take a year or two, but will be worth the time and effort.


Please keep in mind, that without Fans, we have no Sponsors, without Sponsors we cannot open the track, without the track, we have no place to race.  This is the path that leads to our New Direction.  


WE have let down our Fans for far too long.  First and foremost, for our fans, we will be putting on a "Show" of three hours.  Three hours is as long as we have to keep our fans interested and happy enjoying our show.  6:30pm to 9:30pm.  No racing will go past 9:30pm under any circumstance.  WoO show exempt, I have no control over that. ;)


Next, we are making a commitment to beautify and clean up the facility for our Sponsors.  We ask our Sponsors to invest in our facility and show, so we are investing back by presenting a professional appearing facility and show for our Fans, Sponsors and Racers.  


For our Fan base to grow, we require youth to attend and enjoy the evening.  Mother's and Father's need to be comfortable bringing their kids to the facility and need them to be engaged.  9:30pm is as late as we go for our families.  New family programs will also be put into place.

Our goal is to have the youth begging their Parents to go the races, like my Brother and I did to our Parents, and I'm sure you did to yours.


The racing program will change somewhat this year.  First and foremost the decision has been made to go with ONE Sprint Car Class, under the former Sportsman Sprint Car rule package.  We are currently looking for a Sponsor for our Sprint Car class.  For now we will call them 'Castrol Sprint Cars'.   


With up to 35 "Sportsman" cars racing weekly and only 6-9 "360" cars. the time required to run both classes and the lack of 360 cars being available to put on a proper show has necessitated the change.  


The 'Gold Cup' will be run with the "Castrol Sprint Car rules package".  The WoO show will be run under the WoO rules package.


All Castrol Sprint Car plans will be discussed at the up coming Jan 5th meeting at BlackJacks.


Northern Thunder Late Models will see big growth for 2013 and Castrol Raceway looks forward to that.  Look for a Major announcement for Late Models!


The Stock Car class will be a full time class for 2013 as they are growing and working hard at being involved with the new direction.


The Mini Stock class will need some discussion on whether they can maintain a standing at Castrol Raceway.  For now they are on the Calendar.


As usual, there will be the NPP Late Models for a few shows and we are hoping to see if there is interest in the IMCA Modified class joining us at Castrol for 2013 and beyond.


There will be more information posted here as it comes available so please look forward to an exciting 2013 racing season and get your season passes now, as you will not want to miss a single night.


Thank You


Rome Awde

Oval Director


Castrol Raceway


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