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Castrol Raceway's Official response to Youtube Video

Friends, Families, and Guests of Castrol Raceway,

For the past 16 years my family has owned and operated Castrol Raceway; our facility is a primary part of our lives. Both of our sons participate in race programs, have been raised with the racing community as an extended family, and we have made many lifelong friends along the way.

Since day one, we have made every effort to grow, improve, and provide the best possible entertainment and experience for each person who enters our gates; Guest safety as our number one priority- both on and off the track.

In light of recent disturbing social media content involving an employee of Castrol Raceway, please be assured our Guests safety goes beyond the boundaries of the racing surface, as both track operators and parents we value the safety of our families and Guests as much as we protect the safety of our on-track participants, our fans, and our own children.

At this time, we have taken action to ensure this safety continues as the authorities investigate the matter further. The accusations made are not taken lightly, we will continue to follow the investigation put forth by the Edmonton Police Service and make all future decisions with the best interests of our racing community and our own family in mind.


Rob & Kimberly Reeves

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